Solar Panel Installation Services For Homeowners

When you consider solar panels and solar panel installation services, you probably think of full home solar. These are larger panels that are generally attached to the roof of a home. They provide solar power for the entire home as either a backup option or as a full power source depending on the time of year. What you may not think of are other installation services that are solar power related. Here are a few of those services that you may use as a homeowner for residential upgrades.

Solar Tankless Systems 

Solar tankless hot water systems are an upgrade that many homeowners consider. This upgrade takes the idea of a tankless water heater and adds solar energy. The solar panel used for this system can be connected to a full solar power system. However, it can also be installed as a single panel that only powers the tankless hot water system and is used to heat the water. During the solar panel installation service, your installation contractor will connect the solar so that, when necessary, you can switch back to traditional electricity to heat the water.

Solar Generator

Solar generators are an ideal option for homes that are hit by heavy snow or rains throughout the year. These types of weather conditions can lead to long term power outages lasting several days to over a week. By having a solar generator attached to your home, you can convert solar energy to your home's power system. This allows you to run basic things such as your heating system and food storage systems until the power is restored. The generator is generally installed in a garage or similar part of the home. The generator itself is connected to solar panels that are installed on the roof, side of the home, or somewhere in the landscape that gets full sunlight most of the year.

Solar Outdoor Power

Solar outdoor power is a popular option for landscaping and for giving power to outdoor buildings such as sheds, outdoor office spaces, and small guesthouses. The solar outdoor power can be installed directly to these buildings, but can also branch off from your main home. In addition to offering solar power to outdoor buildings, you can also get landscaping lights and other items that connect to solar energy. This allows you to conserve electrical energy during nightfall while still keeping your landscape securely lighted.

These are just a few of the solar panel installation services for homeowners that you might consider for renovation and upgrades. If you think any of these solar options may work for your home, contact your local installation service provider. They can help with choosing the right panels and scheduling an appointment for installation.