Four Ways Your Roofer Can Improve Attic Ventilation

Does your attic often feel really hot and humid? In the winter, do you get ice dams forming on the edge of your roof? These are both key signs of poor attic ventilation. If unaddressed, poor roof ventilation can lead to shingle damage and leaks. Luckily, roofers can address this problem quite easily. Here are three ways a roofer can improve your attic ventilation. Ridge Vents A ridge vent is a long vent that stretches along the length of your roof's ridge.

Don't Overlook These Three Signs Of Roof Problems

Homeowners typically have no trouble detecting the most apparent signs of roof issues, such as water dripping from the ceiling or a missing shingle, but some signs of roof problems are a little more obscure. Nevertheless, these more hidden signs should be addressed, as your roof could suffer damage if action is not taken. The following article looks at three of these less apparent signals that your roof needs attention.

Replacing The Siding On Your Home's Exterior

Replacing the siding on the home is one of the more common strategies that a homeowner will use to radically update the appearance of their house. While siding replacement is not a project that will have structural impacts on the home, it will still require ample planning on the part of the homeowner if they are to make sure that this process goes smoothly with minimal disruptions. Consider Qualities Other Than The Look Of The Siding When Deciding On A Replacement Option

3 Common Roofing Mistakes

There are various mistakes you can make when installing a new roof. You may end up with mismatched shingles due to buying supplies from different companies. You may place new shingles over old ones to reduce costs.  However, this mistake will prevent your roofing contractor from properly inspecting your roof. Also, you may not have proper ventilation in your attic. This mishap will expose the area to water damage, leading to mold and mildew growth.

5 Additional Roofing Features To Include During Residential Roof Replacement

Replacing your roof can be a costly and daunting task, so it's important to select the right features to ensure you get maximum value for your money. Adding additional features can help you extend the life of your roof, make it more energy efficient, and enhance its aesthetic appeal. Below are five additional features that should be considered during residential roof replacement: 1. Insulation Installing insulation between your home's walls and ceiling is an effective way to help retain heat in winter, as well as reduce air leaks during summer months.