Tips for Choosing the Right Metal Roof Color

From its intense durability, ease of maintenance, and classic appeal, it is easy to see why so many homeowners are choosing metal roofing over traditional asphalt shingles. With an average lifespan of 40 years, it's clear that metal roofs are a good investment. Of course, you may be surprised to learn that once you choose metal, your decisions are not over. Today, there are numerous colors available for your metal roof. These tips will help you choose the right metal color for your home's new roof.

Consider Your Home Style

Focus on the style and overall exterior of your home when selecting a color for your metal roof. Make sure to take the architectural design of your home, the siding and trim color, and your landscaping into consideration.

If you have grey or blue siding, consider a dark grey or black metal roof. For lighter-colored homes, such as those that are white or cream, opt for brown, red, or even green metal for the roof.

If you have brown brick or stucco siding, add a bit of color to your roof. Consider red, blue, or green metal roofing panels.

Get Samples

You may be surprised to learn you can order samples of different colors that appeal to you. Bringing samples back to your home will ensure you see what the metal roofing color will look like in real time. Check the different samples of metal colors throughout the day, helping determine which colors complement your home's style during the morning, afternoon, evening, and at night.

During the day, the sun will shine on a color, making it appear lighter and brighter compared to the evening and nighttime hours. Therefore, seeing the colors at different times of the day can help you make your selection.

Consult Your HOA

A large portion of homeowners live in neighborhoods that have rules and guidelines they must follow. These guidelines are important for a few reasons. While they ensure you keep updating your home in the most appropriate manner, the guidelines also protect the value and appeal of your home and neighborhood.

Unfortunately, before you install a new roof, you may need to consult your homeowner's association or the specific city/town you live in for approval. If you do not seek our approval, you may be fined or be pushed to replace your newly installed roof with an option that would be approved by the HOA.

No matter what color you choose, a new metal roof can be a great investment for your home. Call a metal roofing service for more information.