Roofing Materials For When You Want A Home With Style

One worthwhile investment you can make in your home is installing a new roof. It not only helps prevent damage from the weather and improves energy efficiency, but it can add some new style to your home that is much needed. Here are three roofing materials that can do just that.

Wood Shingles

You may not know the first thing about using wood shingles on your home, but they have been used for hundreds of years. The material has many benefits, such as being affordable for the typical homeowner, having a simple installation process, being easy to repair, being very lightweight, and having a unique style. It makes wood shingles a great choice for a homeowner these days.

Modern shingles made with wood are much more practical to use than those old wood shingles. This is due to being manufacturers using special techniques that allow the wood to be resistant to various weather conditions. While the material is still susceptible to pest or water damage, it is less prone to those issues than wood shingles.

Natural Stone

There are a few options for a natural stone roof, such as clay or slate. Every material has its own advantages and disadvantages but can provide some unique beauty to a roof that really makes it stand out. One thing to be aware of is that natural stone is some materials are more porous than others. Even those that have a very sleek and smooth surface can absorb rainwater and have issues with moss growth. You'll find that clay roofing material is more brittle than slate, which has the capability of lasting a century with minimal maintenance.

Synthetic Material

One material that you want to consider are synthetics. They have minimal maintenance when compared to real-life counterparts but won't look the same. That said, you can get a synthetic material that replicates the look of wood shingles, which will have a finish that helps the material resist water. The insulation of these materials will also make your home very energy efficient, so you can feel good about the material going up on your home for more than just its looks.

For more information about roofing materials that will look great on your home, speak to a local roofing company. They can give you an estimate for several different roofing materials, and you can pick the one that you think will look the best and work well within your budget.