What Are Your Affordable Options For Repairing A Flat Commercial Roof?

If the flat roof on your commercial structure has begun to show signs of wear, one option is to replace it. Of course, replacing such a big roof can be costly, and if you don't plan on being in the building much longer or you have a limited budget right now, it's worth looking into other options. Here are a few ways you can repair an ailing flat roof more affordably.

1. Have the bad areas coated with tar.

Assuming you have either a rubber or asphalt roof, one cheap, short-term option is simply to have tar applied to the areas that are peeling or leaking. A roofing company will simply come spread a layer of tar over top of the existing roof structure. They may sprinkle some gravel or grit over the tar to make it less sticky. The tar won't last forever, but it should give you a year or two of protection. Of course, this only works well if nobody walks on your roof. If your building has roof access, patching it with plain tar is a messy choice.

2. Have the roof coated with another layer of rubber.

If you have rubber or EDPM roofing, you may be able to have a roofing company simply apply another layer of rubber on top of the existing one. This approach works well if the roof has many small leaks or damaged areas. Treating each one individually would take a lot longer than simply laying another layer of rubber over the whole roof. There are limitations to this approach. Adhesion between the existing roof membrane and the new layer may not be the best, so ultimately you will need to replace the whole roof -- but this solution can get you by until you're ready for that bigger step.

3. Have a spray foam roof coating applied.

Spray foam is better known as an insulating material, but there are spray foam preparations made for roofs, too. Basically, two chemical compounds are combined in a spray gun. They react to form a dense foam, which deposits on your roof. The foam fills all of the little leaky areas and crevices, so moisture no longer is able to enter. Spray foam can be applied quickly, helps add a layer of insulation to your roof, and can be applied over almost any existing roof surface. 

Talk to a commercial roofing contractor at a company such as SUNVEK to learn more about these possible roofing solutions.