What Every Homeowner Should Know About Roof Leaks

The gutter system on your home is designed to capture the moisture that falls onto your roof and quickly transport it away through a series of drains. Sometimes gutters collect the water but fail with the transport part; this issue is known as a gutter leak. 

Spotting a Gutter Leak

If you happen to be outside during a period with heavy rain, you can detect a gutter leak easily. If you see an area with a stream of water coming out of it — you have a leak. There are, however, other indicators of a leak. A hole in the gutter's surface, watermarks in a specific area on an exterior wall, and watermarks on the underside of the gutters are all common scenarios that indicate there is a leak. 

Damage Risks

An unchecked gutter leak means that moisture from the roof is now settling around the base of your home. The greatest threat this issue creates is that it increases the risk of a basement flood, especially if there is a basement window nearby. The pooling water around the base of your home can also damage the foundation. Foundational issues impact the structure of your home and can start to affect everything from the walls to the floors over time. 

Leak Causes

All gutters have a typical lifespan; it's up to homeowners to know when this time is and to replace their leaks before it occurs. A common cause of gutter leaks is worn gutters that should have been replaced. However, a lack of maintenance can also cause the issue. If you don't routinely have your gutters cleaned, debris can clog inside the gutters and force the trapped water to spill out. Gutters only perform well when they are clean. 

Repairing the Problem

The best approach for repair has to do with the issue that is taking place. For instance, if the gutter is clogged, cleaning the gutter is the best solution. If the gutter is leaking because it's old, replacing all the gutters is best. An issue with a crack in a specific area might only require a partial replacement. A technician will assess the problem and let you know the best path forward. 

Time isn't always on your side when it comes to this issue. A gutter leak can cause a great deal of damage, in a short amount of time. Prevent the problem from causing widespread, severe damage and schedule a gutter replacement or repair as soon as possible.