4 Tips To Help Improve Roof Design And Reduce Where When Having Shingles Replaced

Having your roof replaced is a major investment, and you want it to last as long as possible. With the right improvements when replacing your roof, you will be able to prevent wear and damage that may cause you to need another roof replacement sooner. Here are some tips to help you improve roof design and reduce where when replacing your asphalt shingles:

1. Reducing Water Traps with Minor Structural Changes to Your Roof

Water traps can be a serious problem on your roof, which often occur in areas with low-pitched slopes or where slopes meet walls. These areas can be improved with minor changes to the structure that will allow water to flow away from the area. The chimney on your home may be one of the areas where water traps are a problem, which can be corrected by adding a small shed roof that extends beyond the edges of the walls. These improvements can be done to anywhere there is a problem with water traps that may cause damage.

2. Reinforce Areas of Your Roof That Are Most Vulnerable to Wear

There are many areas of your roof that are vulnerable to wear and problems. This includes areas like eaves, valleys and penetrations of chimneys or mechanical vents. Reinforcing these areas with an additional rubber membrane material will help reduce wear and protect your home from leaks that often lead to serious water damage and costly repairs.

3. Use A High-Quality Underlayment to Protect Against Leaks and Water Damage

Asphalt paper is a common material used as a moisture barrier beneath shingles, but it is porous and can easily tear and leak. Therefore, consider modern synthetic roof moisture barriers that are more durable and provide more protection from leaks. Using a high-quality moisture barrier can also reduce energy loss through the roof of your home.

4. Premium Roofing Materials and Addition Home Improvements to Protect Shingles

The most affordable shingles to have installed on your home are single-tab shingles. These are plain, flat asphalt roofing materials and have the downside of having a shorter lifespan. For a longer lasting roof, consider installing architectural or 3D shingles. In addition, home improvements like gutter guards and be a good improvement to protect your roof from damage caused by things like ice dams.

These are some tips to improve roof design and features to reduce wear of asphalt shingles when you have a roof replacement done. If it is time to have your shingles replaced, contact a roofing contractor and talk to them about some of these improvements for the replacement.