3 Tips For Preventing Algae Growth On Your Roof

If you have ever seen algae growing on a person's roof before, then you know just how unsightly it can be. This might have been a problem that you have dealt with on your own roof, and it could be a problem that you want to avoid in the future. Algae growth on a roof can be unsightly and can also cause damage to your roof. You can help prevent this growth and the accompanying problems with these three tips.

1. Choose the Right Shingles

For one thing, choosing the right shingles can help you prevent this problem. For example, across the southeastern United States -- where climates are usually quite humid and warm -- most of the shingles that are sold contain both zinc and copper to help prevent algae from growing. If you're buying new shingles for your home, you will probably want to look for shingles with this feature to help make algae prevention a lot easier.

2. Make Sure There's Proper Drainage

If water is allowed to stand on your roof, then it will further encourage algae growth. Therefore, making sure that your roof has proper drainage is key. The key to this is making sure that you have properly installed gutters and keep these gutters free of debris, such as leaves. Checking them regularly for holes and dents is also important. Along with helping to prevent algae growth, proper roof drainage will help prevent leaks and overall roof damage.

3. Clean Your Roof Occasionally

From time to time, it's smart to clean your roof or to have it done by a pro. Once it's cleaned, it will look better, and it will give you or a roofing professional a chance to do a quick inspection of the roof's condition, too. Plus, addressing algae growth as soon as it appears will help you prevent it from spreading across your roof or causing damage. The best way to clean algae off of a roof is usually to use a mixture of bleach and water, but be careful not to damage your roof while cleaning, and make sure that you stay safe when using a ladder to do this job. You may want to hire a roofing company to clean your roof for you to avoid damage and to make sure that it's done safely and thoroughly. Then, you can have your roof inspected at the same time.

Algae growth cannot be completely prevented on any roof, particularly if you live in warm and humid conditions. However, by taking the three steps above and potentially working with your roofing team for more help, you can help protect your home from the unsightly and annoying problem of algae growth. For more information, contact a local roofing company or visit sites like http://www.affordableroofingfl.net