Signs Your Gutters Need Some Work To Protect Your Home

When your gutters are working well, you probably don't think much about the gutters on your home. If you are having problems with ice buildup in your gutters or you have water slamming down on the bushes in front of your picture window, it's time to do some investigation as to what is going on. If you have a two-story home, you may need a professional gutter contractor to come and check out your situation. When you are not comfortable going up on a ladder, you can at least look to see if your gutters are pulling away from the house. If you have water coming down over the sides of your gutters, you need to have your gutters cleaned and repaired.

Water Gets Over the Edge of the Gutters

There are times when water is going to be able to get over the sides of your gutters and flow where it shouldn't. If you can see heavy water drips after a storm along your gutter line, you need to have your gutters cleaned out. There could be leaves, storm debris, and animal nests cluttering up your gutters and making it impossible for water to flow where it should. In addition, your gutter may not be graded properly, and the water could be sitting stagnant because it can't flow.

If Gutters Are Pulling Away From Your Home

Gutters can be attached to your home in a number of ways. If clips are used, the clips can become loose. Your gutter will start to pull away from your home and can no longer catch rainwater. When this happens, you might see water coming from between your house and the gutter itself. This can cause water to accumulate near your foundation and seep into your basement. Gutters that are not correctly attached are not going to protect your home from the water that is flowing from your roof. A gutter contractor can come and attach the gutters correctly. They will also make sure that your downspouts are able to carry water down and away from your home to avoid additional flooding.

When your gutters are in good shape, you won't have to worry about water damaging your home or property. If you see water dripping from your gutters or they have pulled away from your home in spots, it's time to call for help. When you are not comfortable climbing a ladder, a gutter contractor will take care of the problem for you.