What Is Architectural Sheet Metal, And Why Is It A Good Choice For Roofing?

The search for a great roofing material is always on. People are always looking for material with a long lifespan, good durability and even some insulation benefits. Above all, people want something that will offer them good value for their money. As affordable as asphalt shingles are, the risk of leaks, poor lifespan, and other issues are making it less desirable.

One of the materials that are coming up as possible alternatives to asphalt shingles is architectural sheet metal. What can homeowners expect from this material?

What Is Architectural Sheet Metal?

Architectural sheet metal is sheet metal that has been fabricated with a specific architectural purpose. Unlike metal shingles which can be used on any particular roof, architectural sheet metal is usually cut and fabricated to fit a specific architectural project. This makes this roofing material a good option to have especially in large projects.

Why Is Architectural Sheet Metal a Good Choice for Roofing?

Architectural sheet metal is made with a specific roof in mind. This means that it will be a better fit both functionally and aesthetically. This is one of the reasons why this material is a good option for commercial or residential roofs with custom designs.

Features such as equipment roof screens can also be added in the design of the architectural sheet metal roof before fabrication. The end result should be less on-site work and more precise fitting.

Another advantage of architectural sheet metal is faster installation. Shingles are installed one piece at a time. This can be time-consuming on a large commercial project. The sheet metal is manufactured in fairly large sections. This makes it faster to install roofing over a large area in a relatively short time.

The Real Cost of Architectural Sheet Metal

For large residential and commercial projects, using architectural sheet metal instead of shingles could mean significant cost savings. While the upfront cost for a custom project may be higher, you will be getting a roof that's less prone to leaks and one that is better suited for applications such as insulation.

Installation of equipment can also be a cheaper and faster process, and since installing the roof itself should be faster, you should see cost savings sooner rather than later. The trick to maximizing the benefits of architectural sheet metal is to ensure you choose the right commercial roofing contractor. An experienced contractor can bring down your project costs significantly.

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