4 Tips To Help Keep Your Asphalt Shingles Looking Like New And Extend Their Life

One of the most common materials used on the roofs of homes are asphalt shingles, which also need to be replacing regularly and this can be costly. Therefore, you want to know what to do to maintain your roof and get more life from your asphalt shingle replacement. The following tips will help ensure your asphalt shingles look like new and last for many years:

1. Care for Trees and Vegetation That Cause Problems with Asphalt Shingles

Trees and vegetation like ivy can cause serious damage to the roof of your home. Make sure that trees are well-trimmed to allow sunlight through and make sure that there are no heavy branches that hang over your home. In addition, make sure that other vegetation is cut back to prevent it from growing on or hanging over your roof, where it can cause damage and wear.

2. Cleaning Your Roof and Removing Stains Without Causing Damage to Shingles

The roof of your home may become stained due to things like trees and fungus. Keeping your roof clean is the best way to prevent discoloration and stains. When cleaning your roof, be careful not to brush off the granules that protect the asphalt shingles and never use a pressure washer. If there are stains you want to remove, use a roof cleaning product to remove them without damaging the shingles.

3. Repairing Leaks and Storm Damage Before They Cause Bigger Problems on The Roof

Leaks from wear are problems that should not go unaddressed on your roof. As soon as you notice that there is a problem with water getting in through the roof, patch the leak or contact a roofing company for help finding and repairing the leak. In addition, it is important to repair storm damage like missing or torn shingles and hail damage before problems get worse and cause serious damage to your home.

4. Routinely Inspect Your Roof for Damage and Replace Shingles When They Need Replacing

Routine inspections of your roof are important to find and repair the damage before it gets worse. There are a couple of times when you should have your roof inspected; it should be inspected annually by a professional roofing contractor to keep track of its condition and when there are storms that potentially caused damage to the roof.

These are some of the things that you can do to keep your asphalt shingles looking like new and ensure they last for many years to come. If your old roof is showing signs of wear, contact a roofing company, like Right Way Roofing, Inc, for help with repairs or replacement if it is needed.