3 Tips To Protect Your House From Hail Damage

Everyone loves the dream of owning their house until it comes time to do the hard work. Nonetheless, it is the hard work that will keep you loving your home, and will grow your pride in owning it. Hail damage can be bad for any property, because it can damage roofs, break windows and more. You need to get your home ready for this type of storm damage. These tips will help. 

1. Look for storm damage protective roofing

The most obvious place that hail hits is your roof. Once these rock-sized balls of ice start pummeling your roof, it is too late wonder if you did enough to make your roof stronger. Have a roofer inspect every shingle and beam, and ask them about options that protect against hail. Asphalt and wood roofs perform well against hail storms. Metal roofing is good for hail storms also, but it might get permanently riddled with dings after a hail storm. The roofer can help you determine what kind of repair needs to be made so your roof is protected.

2. Find windows and shutters that can deflect hail

When you get your roof done, ask about windows and shutters also. These shutters are reinforced so that the hail doesn't cause them to break and chip. When closed, they can protect the windows so that you do not have to deal with shattered glass. There are also storm proof windows that are great for hail storms.

3. Don't forget about the insulation and the basement

Fixing your roof for hail damage is also a great time to get the insulation checked. After your roof gets pelted with a hail storm, that frozen water eventually melts, and often melts right into your insulation. When it is allowed to build up, it can ruin the insulation entirely, meaning that you need to get it replaced. Have the roofer come inside and check your attic as well to see how the insulation is holding up.

Anytime you're dealing with precipitation, you also need to get your basement checked out. The hail can pile around your house and start to melt right into your basement also. This will give you problems with the foundation, which means that your entire house has a problem unless you decide to fix it. None of this happens in a vacuum, so don't forget about your insulation and the basement.

These three tips will help you with hail roofing damage to your home.