Have Tile Roofing Material? Know How To Make The Material Last

A tile roof is known for being incredibly durable, with them having a longer lifespan than a roof than asphalt roofing material. Tile works great in warm climates due to its ability to reflect the heat, and can also do a great job at insulating a home during the winter. These are some tips that will help your tile roofing material last a long time so that you can reap the benefits.

Don't Step On The Tiles

One thing to keep in mind about tile roofing material is that they should not be stepped on. The roofing material wasn't designed to take on an excessive amount of weight, and if you happen to step on the tiles, it's possible that you'll break them. Even if the tile material does not shatter, cracks can cause water to get underneath the roofing material and ruing the underlying roof material.

That said, you may be wondering how you work on your tile roof if you cannot step on the roofing materials. You'll need to make a clear path towards the areas that you will be working so that you do not step on any of the tiles. This is standard practice for any roofing contractor to ensure that they do not cause more damage to a roof when working on it.

Trim Nearby Trees

You need to be aware of debris that can fall on the roof, such as leaves from nearby trees. It is especially problematic for a tile roof, since leaves can get stuck in crevices that cause problems with how the roof drains water. It can even get to a point where you need to hire a roofer to help clean the roof so that it can function properly.

The easier thing to do to prevent this from happening is to trim large tree branches that hang over your roof. It will not only be much safer for your home during a huge storm, but you won't have to deal with leaves getting trapped on the roof.

Clean The Roof Periodically

Cleaning a tile roof not only helps with removing debris and looking good, but also improves its lifespan. Washing the material helps prevent bacteria and mold growth, which leads to the tiles breaking down prematurely. If you want to attempt this job yourself just be sure to not use a power washer, since it can cause damage due to the strength of the water.

Speak to a roofing contractor, such as at Lifetime Commercial Roofing, about more ways to improve the lifespan of your tile roof.