4 Fireplace And Wood Stove Maintenance Tips To Reduce Fire Hazards

Having a fireplace or wood stove can be a great way to reduce energy costs during the winter months, but these can also be a source of hazards. It is important to do the appropriate maintenance of fireplaces, stoves, and chimneys to reduce fire hazards during the winter months. The following tips will help reduce the hazards that affect fireplaces and wood stoves:

1. Clearing the Clutter and Keeping Flammable Materials A Safe Distance Away

One of the biggest fire hazards, when you are using a stove or fireplace is clutter and flammable materials that are too close. Make sure that any clutter like loose papers and dry firewood are stored a safe distance away from the fire. In addition, make sure that furniture and window treatments like curtains are also kept a safe distance away from any open flame.

2. Installing Screens or Glass Doors to Prevent Embers from Sparking Fires

The embers from fires can cause a spark that leads to fire in your home. It is important to have the appropriate protective screen or glass doors installed on your fireplace or stove to prevent fires. In addition, the area around the fireplace or stove should be finished with fire-resistant materials like brick or tile just in case sparks to fly out.

3. Using Firewood That Is Well-Seasoned and Produces Less Soot and Smoke 

There are many different types of firewood that you can use in a fireplace or stove. You want to make sure that you use firewood that is well-seasoned, which mean it is dry and has less sap and resins in it. Try to avoid using firewood like pine, which has high resin content that produces a lot of soot and resin that can cause your chimney to catch on fire.

4. Checking Batteries of Smoke Detectors and Cleaning the Chimney to Reduce Fire Risks 

Most modern smoke detectors have carbon monoxide sensors, and you want to make sure that you check yours before using your fireplace or stove. In addition, it is a good idea to have your chimney cleaned before you begin using your fireplace or stove, and have it cleaned again at the end of the winter season to reduce fire hazards.

These are some tips to ensure your wood stove or fireplace does not become a serious hazard during the coldest months of the year. If your fireplace has become dirty with soot and buildup, contact a chimney cleaning service to ensure it stays clean and safe.