Problems Your Home's Roof May Experience

Roofing problems can be some of the most serious issues that a homeowner will have to handle. Whenever a homeowner is uninformed about potential roofing problems, they will be poorly prepared to minimize and repair these damages.

Leaks And Drafts Near The Chimney

A chimney is necessary for any home that is equipped with a fireplace. Unfortunately, the area around the chimney can be the most prone to developing leaks and drafts. This is due to the small gaps that can exist between the chimney and the roof. While flashing will typically be used to protect these areas, it can be possible for the flashing to become degraded or otherwise compromised. Homeowners that regularly inspect the roof and attic around the chimney will be more likely to identify and repair these problems.

Animal And Insect Damage

Weather is not the only potential source of damage for a residential roof. Animals and insects can also be major contributors to roofing damage. While it may not seem like animals will be able to reach the roof, squirrels and birds can cause substantial damage despite their small sizes. Treating the roof with pest and animal repellents will be necessary for minimizing the risk that these animals will cause damage.

Blistering And Bubbling

The shingles of the roof can suffer numerous types of damage that can lead to them needing to be replaced. Blistering and bubbling can be some of the more common sources of wear that shingles can sustain. This damage occurs as a result of water seeping into the shingles and evaporating. As it evaporates, it will expand and cause the blisters to form. Once this damage occurs, the blisters will have to be replaced promptly if you are to limit the damage that occurs to the home. Once the shingles have become blistered, they will be less capable of preventing water from seeping through to the interior structure.


A sagging roof can be a very alarming problem as it can signify a structurally compromised roof. In order to repair this damage, a contractor will have to determine the extent of the damage that has occurred as these components will need to be replaced. Due to the fact that a sagging roof can rapidly worsen, homeowners should always treat this as a very serious problem and schedule repairs immediately. In many instances, homeowners insurance may cover these repairs, which can make it worth checking the details of your policy or consulting with your insurance agent.

If you notice any of these issues with your roof, contact a residential roofing company near you to come and fix it for you.