Everything You Need To Know About Commercial Roof Cleaning

If you own a commercial building and haven't had its roof cleaned in the last few years, then this spring is a perfect time to have it done. Since walking on a wet roof is a great way for most people to land in the emergency room, cleaning a commercial roof is a job for a professional roofing contractor. However, before you give a local roofer a call, it's important to understand the important points of commercial roof cleaning, including each of the following:

The Advantages of Commercial Roof Cleaning

There are many advantages to having your commercial building's roof cleaned. For one thing, a good deep cleaning will make the roof look amazing, just like it did the day it was originally installed. Additionally, regular cleanings will extend the natural life of the roof. 

If your building's roof is reflective, then cleaning it helps preserve its energy efficiency and will help keep your cooling costs down when the temperatures heat up this summer.

When your roofing contractor is cleaning your roof, they will get a close look at it and will let you know if there are any areas with minor damage, leaks, or loose flashing.

Commercial Roof Contaminates

There are many things that naturally contaminate roofs. Some of the most common are:

  • algae
  • bacteria
  • mold
  • mildew 
  • fungi
  • dirt
  • insects
  • spiderwebs
  • bird nests

In addition, leaves and branches will fall from surrounding trees.

How Commercial Roofs Are Cleaned

The specific tools and chemicals your roofer will use to clean your building's roof will depend on the surface of the roof and its current condition. Typically, they will first clean off the roof with a broom and then scrub it down with an environmentally-safe cleaner. It's important the cleaner is environmentally-safe because it will be washed off of the roof and into your landscaping and the community's sewer system.

Once the cleaner has had time to do its job, then it will be rinsed off with a light pressure washing. Pressure washing a roof needs to be done by an experienced roofer because they need to use a special flat tip and low pressure to avoid damaging the roof's membranes. 

Finally, if you are worried about losing business during the time when your commercial building's roof is being cleaned, then request to have the job completed either early in the morning, late in the evening, or on a weekend when your business is closed.