4 Tips to Help Deal with Structural Issues When Your Roof Has Severe Storm Damage

If your roof has been severely damaged in a storm, you will want to have the repairs done quickly. Be careful doing those hasty roof repairs, because sometimes the damage is also below the surface. There may be issues with leaks and water or structural problems due to high winds. Here are some tips to help deal with the structural issues when repairing storm damage to your roof.

1. Removing Storm-Damaged Roofing Materials That Need to Be Replaced

Sometimes, when there is severe storm damage on your roof, materials may need to be completely removed and replaced to repair the damage. You will also want to replace the materials if they are worn and it is time for replacement, as well as to expose the roof decking and rafters beneath. It will be easier to complete repairs to the structure when all the roofing is removed.

2. Inspect Roof Decking for Signs of Water Damage and Rot That Need to Be Repaired

One of the issues that you may have with damage after a storm is water runoff getting beneath the shingles and damaging the decking. If the damage is old, then the water on the decking will cause rot, which will need to be repaired. Once the old roofing materials have been removed, inspect the decking for signs of damage and replace any areas that seem soft or have rot.

3. Repairing Missing or Severely Damaged Roof Rafters and Bracing as Needed

When a storm brings high winds, sometimes the rafters and bracing are also damaged. If there are areas of your roof that look like they are indented, inspect the rafters and braces for signs of damage. Talk with your roofing contractor about options for repairing the rafters or replacing them if needed.

4. Dealing with Fallen Trees on the Roof Without Causing Further Damage

Fallen trees are another problem that you may have to deal with after a storm, which can be a problem if there are branches near the roof. Sometimes, removing the trees from your roof and repairing damage can be a delicate process. If the tree is big or there are heavy branches that have gone through your roof, get professional help for repairs. Have a tree service use a crane to remove the debris, and let a roofing contractor do the demolition and repairs to ensure your safety.

These are some tips to help deal with storm damage and structural problems that it can cause on your roof. If you need help with repairing your roof after a storm, contact a storm roof repair service for help with repairing all the damage.