Why Spray Foam Is Ideal For A Flat Roof

Do you own a building with a flat roof you're looking to replace? If so, you'll be looking for a material that will keep the water out and be affordable. Of all the different roofing materials out there for a flat roof, you may discover that spray foam is the ideal material that you can use. Here is what you need to know about spray foam and why it will be a good choice.

The Material Isn't Visible

When selecting a roofing material, many people put some consideration into what the material looks like. However, chances are that nobody will see your flat roof since it is not visible from the street. This gives you some more flexibility with what you can use, opening up spray foam as a possibility. While the material doesn't look pretty once applied, it won't really matter in the end.

The Material Is Easy To Install

When using any other type of roofing material, part of the installation process involves lugging the bundles of roofing material up to your roof to be installed. This isn't the case with spray foam, since it is installed by combining chemicals in the spray gun as it is being applied. It makes the labor involved with installing the material much less in the end, which can save you time and money.

The Material Requires Minimal Prep Work

If you have existing places on your roof with cracks that need to be sealed, it can involve quite a bit of prep work to get the roof ready for other roofing materials. With spray foam, all of those problematic areas are sealed by the foam. This is another way that spray foam cuts down on the labor involved, while also being sure to seal all places on your roof where water could potentially get in.

The Material Is Solid

When laying down other roofing material, there are multiple pieces that are layered on top of each other, creating places where there can be leaks. Spray foam creates a solid layer of foam, which makes it so that there are no places left behind where water can find a way into your building. You will not find this advantage with any other material.

The Material Insulates Well

Since the foam used is quite dense, it creates an excellent insulation barrier compared to other roofing materials. You can even coat spray foam with a reflecting coating to give your building additional protection if you desire.

To learn more, contact a roofing contractor in your area.