Why Is Your Roof Leaking?

Is your roof leaking? Getting the problem fixed is one thing, but learning what is making your roof damaged in the first place is another. You want to repair your roof, but you're curious about what is causing the structure to leak in the first place.

There are a surprising number of reasons why a roof would be leaking. Use this guide to help you determine what is making yours less waterproofed so that you can get the right repairs done by your roofing specialist. In many cases, your leaking roof can actually be caused by something more minor, which means your repairs can be less expensive than you'd think.

Your vents are not sealed properly

One reason why your roof may be leaking is that your vents are not properly sealed around the edges, letting water come inside the home. If you notice that ceiling vents have small brown water stains around them or condensation coming inside, then simply re-caulking these areas may be all you have to do to set things right again.

Your shingles are coming loose

A leaking roof can be caused by a few missing or loose shingles in your asphalt shingle construction. Have your roofer fully inspect your existing roof to look for signs of wear and replace or repair faulty or missing shingles. If extensive roof damage has been caused, you may need to get new insulation and other things done to make your roof sound again.

Your gutter system is failing

Does your home have a gutter system in place that isn't working as it should? If your gutters are overflowing and you worry about a leaking roof, then have your roofer inspect your gutters and clean them out or secure them back to your home in a proper way. This can be an easy, cost-effective fix in preserving your roof for longer periods of time.

Your roof has a hole

Birds and insects can put holes in your roof or the top of your home's main structure in an attempt to get inside and create nesting opportunities. When this happens, you can get leaks inside your attic or main part of your house. Keep these issues at bay by having holes sealed as soon as they occur. Your roofer can do this for you by removing debris from pesky animals in the process so you can have your leak-free home back safe and sound.

All roofing projects and services should be done by professional roofing services. Use this guide to help you keep your roof in excellent condition, longer.