Spray It Ain't So: What To Know About Foam Roofing Systems

You want some deodorant? There's a spray for that. You want some hand sanitizer? There's a spray for that. You need a new roof? Yep, you better believe that there's a spray for that too. One of the newest roofing options that more and more homeowners are looking into is foam roofing, which is applied by spraying it onto the roof and allowing it to harden. But what exactly is this type of roofing system and how can you tell if it's right of your house or place of business? This article will take a closer look. Read on to learn some more. 

What Is Made From? 

Foam roofing systems are made from a material called polyurethane which when it is sprayed over the top of an existing roof, it hardens to create an almost brand-new roof in the process. 

What Are the Benefits? 

Typically, foam roofing systems are only installed on commercial properties because they need to be applied on flat roofs, and they don't necessarily look as visually appealing as traditional shingles. That being said, there are several benefits of this type of roofing system over other types of roofs. But what are they? 

It's Waterproof

One of the first benefits to consider when looking into foam roofing is just how waterproof it is. As long as it is sprayed onto the roof correctly, it will work to lock and seal out all of the moisture so that none of it seeps down and causes any sort of damage. 

It Is Easy

Another one of the benefits of spray roofing is that it can be applied over an existing roofing system, which means that you won't have to worry about taking anything down. With traditional asphalt roofs, one of the most significant expenses is taking down the old roof to apply a new one. However, when you have a spray foam roof, the roofers can simply spray the roof all over the top of the existing roof. 

It's Affordable

Getting a new roof can be expensive; especially if your commercial property is large. With spray foam roofing, you can save thousands of dollars on the entire project so that you can put your money elsewhere. 

When you are looking for a professional to install your foam roofing system, make sure that you look for someone who has knowledge and experience of foam roofing system installations in your area.