Hidden Damages of Ponding Water

Ponding on flat commercial roofs is an obvious problem. The most pressing issue in many building manager's minds is that ponding water on a flat roof can lead to eventual leaks. However, there are other issues that may pop up before a leak occurs. These are some of the other reasons you need to address ponding water immediately.

Roof Weight

Ponding water can result in a lot of extra weight on your roof. Even shallow pools of water can increase the chances of vegetative growth on the roof, particularly if sediment collects in the ponds.

Since ponding water can indicate blocked drains, snowmelt may also collect rapidly on a roof that suffers from ponding. If there's too much weight from water, vegetation, or snow and ice, then your roof could collapse.

Insect Pests

Standing water attracts insects. Mosquitoes are one of the most hated pests, and you don't want them buzzing around your building or inside your offices. A water source can attract other problem insects, as well, including ants and roaches. Removing the source of water by fixing the roof issues that result in ponding water is a simple way to solve the problem.

Bird Attraction

Birds are more than a nuisance. Their droppings are acidic, which can damage roofing materials. Bird nests can interfere with drains and rooftop appliances like vents or HVAC units. A bird is more likely to nest or congregate on a roof with a consistent water source, such as that provided by poor drainage and ponding water. Even worse, bird nests and debris are likely to increase drainage problems, resulting in continuous cycle of problems. Fix the ponding issues to break the cycle.

Reflectivity Reduction

Many flat commercial roofs are designed for maximum reflectivity, which is achieved by using light roofing colors and special roof coating. Ponding water can lead to mold and mildew growth, and the resultant dark discoloration. A loss of roof reflectivity can lead to hotter temperatures in the building and higher energy costs. This means you will need to fix the issues causing the ponding water, and that you will also need to have the roof cleaned. If the standing water has been ignored for some time, you may also need to have roof coatings reapplied.

Contact a commercial roofing company if there is water ponding on your flat commercial roof. They'll be able to offer you a quote on the cost of fixing the issue.