Important Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Commercial Re-Roofing Contractor

Keeping the roof of your company's facility in excellent shape is a critical step to avoid any downtime in your business operations. Nevertheless, your roof could sustain enough damage over time from weather conditions and other factors to necessitate a bit of restoration. Re-roofing is the process of placing new shingles over the existing ones and is a good option for a roof that is still in decent shape with no significant water damage. If you find that your building might require some roof repairs, you'll have to start searching for the best commercial re-roofer to complete the job. Since re-roofing can only be done once due to layering restrictions, it's important to take the time to properly vet potential contractors and find a company that will do the highest quality work. Asking these 4 questions can help you gather the right data to make an informed decision.

1) How extensive is your experience with the re-roofing of commercial buildings?

You need to find a roofing company that has proven experience working on commercial projects. Ideally, you should choose a contractor that can show you a large portfolio of previous re-roofing jobs on a variety of commercial building types. Take particular note of any examples that are similar to your own building, and ask if the contractor has worked with the same materials as your roof. Verify that the contractor has firsthand practice with basic asphalt shingles and high-end architectural shingles. Knowing that your project would not be the contractor's first commercial job should be an essential factor in your search. 

2) How will you handle inclement weather during the re-roofing process?

If you live in a region prone to extreme weather conditions, then you'll want to find out how the contractor will respond to a heavy rainstorm that suddenly appears. Since high-speed winds can pose a safety hazard to workers on your roof, the on-site project manager will likely suspend the job until the adverse weather passes. When that happens, the roofing contractor should take steps to protect any of the damaged areas that haven't yet been repaired. Whether the contractor will cover the roof with a tarp or some other plastic sheeting, be sure to confirm what the plan will be in situations of bad weather to prevent further damage.

3) How will you determine the re-roofing price?

While re-roofing is less expensive than a full roof replacement, the cost of a commercial re-roofing job can still be quite complex to calculate. As such, you should pick a contractor that considers several factors when setting the price. These aspects include the roof size, roof age and overall condition, the pitch of the roof, and the current market price for commercial roofing materials. Choosing a roofing contractor that provides a cost estimate with a comprehensive viewpoint of what it takes to repair your roof will offer some reassurance that the company is not cutting any corners.  

By asking these questions of all possible roofing contractors, you'll be able to select the best company to complete your commercial re-roofing project. Contact a commercial re-roofing contractor for more information.