Your Pressing Roofing Questions Answered

Being uninformed about the needs of your home's roof can be a costly problem as it will make it much harder to respond to the full range of threats that the roof can face over a year.

What Is The Purpose Of Installing Eave Flashing?

The eaves of the roof can be some of the areas that may be the most prone to allowing water into the home. This can be due to the fact that any runoff from the roof will flow over the eaves, and this can make it easy for the moisture to enter the roof. One option for minimizing this problem is through the installation of eave flashing. The flashing will be a thin sheet of metal that can be placed over the eave so that it will act as a barrier against the water that is flowing off the roof.

Can Icicles On The Perimeter Of The Roof Pose A Threat?

During the winter months, it can be a common sight for a person to see icicles hanging from the edge of the roof. Many homeowners may do little about these ice formations due to assuming that they will be unlikely to cause serious problems for the home. However, they can actually be highly damaging to the roof. This results from the weight that this ice will put on the roof and the additional moisture exposure that it will create. These factors coupled with the safety risks that these sharp ice formations can pose may make it worth the costs of installing a warming system that can melt any icicles before they can grow too large.

How Does The Addition Of More Vents Improve The Roof's Performance?

Increasing the airflow through the major components of the roof is an important step for minimizing the risk of rot, condensation, or mold problems developing. By improving the amount of airflow that is occurring in the roof, you can allow the moisture and moist air that may be trapped in the roof to leave. This can allow dryer air to enter these areas where it may help to dry any condensation that formed. Improving the ventilation of the roof will involve the use of fans and vents that can help to cycle the air through this part of the structure. While this can be a major change as it can require cutting a hole in the exterior of the roof for the new vents to be installed, it can dramatically reduce many of the airflow problems that your home may be encountering.

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