Tell-Tale Signs You Need To Hire A Commercial Roofer

According to the National Roofing Contractors, you should inspect your roof twice a year. These inspections will ensure you don't experience unexpected problems in the course of business. In between these inspections, your roof could exhibit issues that may need immediate attention. This is why you should identify some signs that indicate you need commercial roofing services.

Signs of Interior Water Damage

One of the first signs that your roof has a problem is water damage. When water starts leaking inside your building, this is often because of a roof leak. You might not determine the source of the leak, which is why you should summon a commercial roofer.

Some warning signs that your roof is leaking include general dampness in the building and stains on the ceilings and walls. The dampness can be a result of high moisture levels and mold growth. Another obvious sign is puddles of water forming or water pooling in the property. You'll also notice significant flooding and an increased presence of insects and rodents.

Sagging Roof

If you notice deep areas of your roof with puddled and pooled water, this means the roof is sagging. Another sign is when the roof is uneven. When a roof starts sagging, it means the support system is too worn out to support the roof.

When the roof is sagging, it's only a matter of time before the roof crumbles. A sagging roof usually occurs when a roof's lifespan is almost over. In major cases, the best solution is for your commercial roofing service to install a new roof.

Missing Flashing

Your roofs, chimneys, and valleys are covered by flashing. These are metal strips running along the edges of your roof. The purpose of flashing is to protect your roof from water or any debris entering your building.

Flashing, like the roof, can get dislodged or damaged over time. When your flashing is damaged, rainwater starts seeping into the building from the roof's parts where it has been installed. At the first sign that your roof's flashing is failing, you need to call a commercial roofer.

Half of the solution to your roofing problem is identifying the tell-tale signs of a damaged roof. When you meet with a commercial roofer, be sure to mention all the issues you're experiencing without withholding any information to get the most from the inspection. This will help the professionals develop accurate solutions that address the root cause of the roofing problems.