2 Subtle Signs Of Damage To Your Home's Shingled Roof

When examining your home's roofing shingles, you may not see any overt signs of damage, leading you to believe that the structure is still in good condition. However, there are a couple of subtle signs you should know that may indicate the shingles have sustained hidden damage that could lead to water leaks in your home.

1.  Whooshing or Whistling Noises Heard While Inside of Your House

Somethings you should recognize when trying to determine whether or not your roof has unseen damage are any unusual whooshing or whistling noises inside your house. These noises can be heard the most on windy days and more easily on the top floor or attic of your house. If there are small gaps between some of the shingles, the air may make a whistling sound when it passes through the spaces. While these gaps may be small, they are often large enough to allow water to seep in underneath the shingles.

If you hear whooshing noises, there are most likely larger gaps between the shingles or even areas on the roof that have shingles missing. Hearing either of these noises warrants an inspection of your roof by a professional.

2.  Small, Dark Granules Found Around Your Home and in Your Gutters

Another subtle sign that there is hidden damage to your roof's shingles is when you start finding tiny granules either on the ground surrounding your home or inside of the gutters. These granules are normally embedded into the top surface of the shingles to provide protection from moisture and impact. However, if a large object strikes the top of the shingles, this may cause them to shed the granules, leaving the surface of the shingles exposed. Also, as the roof ages, the granules may start to deteriorate and fall off, causing them to show up.

While a few granules are not necessarily a cause for concern, if you find large amounts, this could indicate a widespread problem. Have a roofer examine your roof to make sure.

If you notice either or both of the signs above, there may be damage to your roof's shingles that are not readily noticeable. If you are concerned about the condition of the shingles, contact a residential roofing service near you to have them inspect the structure so that they can take the appropriate action to fix any problems they may find. Likewise, contact a residential roofing service for more information.