Why PVC Is A Good Choice For Commercial And Industrial Roofing

When your old commercial or industrial roof needs to be replaced, you have more things to consider than you would for a residential roof or even for a commercial building with a sloped roof. If you have a large building, the cost is important, but so are durability and longevity. PVC roofing might be a good choice. Here's why it's an ideal material for flat roofs on commercial, manufacturing, industrial, and warehouse buildings.

PVC Roofing Is Watertight

PVC roofing is joined together at seams that are heat-welded together. This eliminates any open areas on the roof that would allow water to seep in or back up when it rains or when water puddles on the roof.

Unlike adhesives or seam tape that might work loose over time, the PVC roofing seams are just as strong as the rest of the roof since the seams are welded shut. This makes PVC roofing a watertight option that reduces the risk of leaks and water damage developing as your roof ages.

PVC Roofing Resists Damage

Another useful aspect of PVC roofing that makes it ideal for commercial and industrial use is that it resists damage from chemicals, acids, and grease that might escape from your rooftop. These substances can wear down some other types of roofing, but PVC is durable and resistant to damage.

PVC roofing also resists fire, wind, and punctures. It's a good roofing material to use if your building is located in an area that gets strong winds and storms. Plus, the roofing tolerates foot traffic from contractors and employees who need to access the roof to work on equipment.

PVC Roofing Helps Your Building Stay Cooler

PVC roofing is solid white, so it reflects the sun. If you have a large, flat roof, it can soak up a lot of solar heat during the day if the roofing is a dark color. A white PVC roof reflects the sun and keeps your building cooler, and that could result in lower operating costs.

PVC Roofing Can Pay Off Over Time

Another way PVC roofing helps your budget is that the roofing can usually be applied over an old roof without having to tear it off and pay for having the old roof removed. Plus, since PVC roofing is so durable, you may have lower maintenance costs and longer life than you would with some other types of commercial roofing. While PVC roofing might cost more upfront, you get good value and good protection for your building for many years to come.

For more information about commercial or industrial roofing, contact a local roofing company.