How Long Does Residential Roofing Installation Take?

Your home's roof shields you from harsh weather and other elements. If you're planning to have a new one installed, you're likely to wonder how long a complete roofing installation process takes.

If you've contracted professional roofers, you want to know the duration you'll spend outside your home. However, installing a roof depends on some variables. The roof installation style, roofing material, and application procedure all come into play when you want your roof contractor to estimate the length it will take. Since every roofing installation is different, here are some factors that determine the time needed to install a roof.

The Size of Your Roof

The complexity of your roof is a crucial factor. If you have a simple roof, it will take less time. If your home comes with a large roof and there are multiple valleys, angles, and facets, the installation process will take longer. If you have a roof with a moderate pitch and fewer roof features, the installation can be done in a day. The process is faster if the roof materials are already on-site before the roofing crew arrives.

The Roof's Style and Pitch

If your home comes with a steep roof pitch, residential roofing installation can become more involved. If it's higher up, installation technicians need to take extra safety measures. This means it can slow down the process. Professional roofers come with safety equipment, and they guarantee excellent workmanship. If your roof is extraordinary, invite these professionals to inspect the roof and its pitch. They're in a position to tell you how long they'll take on-site after the inspection.

The Weather

A professional roofer can give you an estimate regarding roof installation time. But they have no say over the weather. It's wise to schedule such an installation during the warm, dry season. Such a plan ensures roof technicians have more time to focus on your roofing project. Inclement weather can lead to postponed installation. Your professional roofers can board it up and add tarps over the roof to protect your home.

The Roofing Installer You've Hired

It pays to hire professionals to handle roof installation. You have peace of mind that the crew is well-versed with roofing and what it takes to do an excellent job up there. Always consider reputable roofers who have the right equipment and gear. Also, expert roofers follow set building and roofing regulations, and they provide robust warranties for their work. If you want your roof installed within a realistic time-frame, schedule an appointment with a reliable residential roofing contractor that provides a great portfolio and realistic working timelines.

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