Getting Started Choosing The Right Flat Roof Solution For Contemporary Home Designs

If your home has a contemporary design, it likely has a flat roof. This can cover the entire roof or only be some architectural features. No matter the area getting a flat roof, you want to find the right solutions. The following flat roof guide will help you to choose the right solution for your contemporary home.

Flat Roof Materials

Installing flat roofs for custom homes with contemporary designs is a great way to make an elegant statement. There are a variety of materials that you can use for your flat roof, including:

  • Bitumen roll roofing
  • Tar and gravel
  • EPDM membrane
  • Metal

You can also install a green roof, which is a garden on top of your home. A flat roof is ideal for the installation of solar panels if you are considering an investment in solar energy. 

Flat Roof Benefits and Designs

Flat roofs are a popular choice for contemporary home designs. They are usually made of asphalt, rubber, or roofing material rolled out and then glued or nailed down. Flat roofs have many benefits, including:

  • Low cost and easy to install
  • Easier to access
  • More usable space on the roof
  • Design options that can enhance curb appeal

The flat roof design for your home can also be a durable solution that will last for years. 

Some of the different flat roof designs include:

  • Sloped roofs: A sloped roof is one that slopes gently away from the house. These are often seen on homes with a sloping gable and are easy to walk on. They can also be less expensive than a flat roofing system, as they require less labor to install. These types of flat roofs do require regular maintenance, as the low slope can be difficult to clear of debris. These roofs require flat roof materials because conventional materials like shingles are vulnerable to wind damage and can't be used. 
  • Flat roofs with no slope: A flat roof with no slope is one that goes completely flat across the top of your home. This type of flat roof is ideal for people who want a unique look for their home but don't want the maintenance issues associated with having a sloped roof. It does require some maintenance, however, such as cleaning off algae buildup and checking for leaks periodically.

These are some of the design options to consider when installing a flat roof on your contemporary home. 

The right flat roof is crucial to the design of your home. Contact a flat roof service to start discussing the right solution for the needs of your home. 

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