What Are The Common Issues To Look Out For In A Slate Roof?

Slate is a popular roof material for several reasons; it looks great, doesn't absorb water fast, and is highly durable. So, regardless of where you live, the roof will offer value and protect your family. But, like other roofing materials, this roof experiences a share of issues because it's constantly exposed to environmental elements. Prioritizing roof maintenance and repair will ensure the roof functions optimally for longer. So how do you know it's time to repair or maintain your residential slate roofing? Here are problems you should look out for.

Flashings Are Worn Out 

Flashing wear and tear is a prevalent issue for all forms of roofs, so you can expect to handle the same when you have this type of roof. Flashings are designed to protect vulnerable parts from all forms of precipitation. However, this metal cover may be susceptible to corrosion. It will wear out over time, leading to leaks even if the roof's life span is still good. A replacement will be needed once the flashing gets damaged.

Nails Are Rusty or Decaying

If you reside in an older home with slate roofing, you should be aware of nail sickness. Initially, roofers used nails to mount the slates. These nails were made using steel and iron, so they are prone to rust over the years. Hiring a residential roofing contractor to inspect your slate roofing regularly will come in handy. If they notice the nails are damaged and cannot hold the slates in place, you'll need to make the necessary repairs. This will restore the roof's integrity and ensure your loved ones are safe.

Picking the Wrong Slate

Although all slates are made of stone, they come in a wide variety. As a homeowner, you must pick a suitable material depending on your needs. Some standard options you'll find in the market include the natural slate that's known for its long life span and ability to handle thermal contraction or expansion well. Then there is the fiber cement slate, known for affordability, custom formats, and a wide array of colors. It's also lighter, making it an ideal option for reroofing. The bituminous slate is composed of various shingles and is known for its flexibility and smooth surface. Each slate material has a different life span, so make sure you choose the one that suits your longevity and maintenance requirements. A professional can help you make an informed choice.

If you have an issue with the residential slate roofing or don't want to make a poor material choice, consider talking to a reputable roofer. Make sure they specialize in slate roofs to get quality service.

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