Should You Get Synthetic Shingles For Your Commercial Building?

Are you trying to decide on a roofing material for your upcoming commercial building roof replacement, and are considering synthetic shingles? Here are some key things to know about this type of roofing material.

Price Comparison

The purpose of getting synthetic shingles is because you want to simulate the look of another roofing material, such as slate or cedar shake. That's because these alternative materials are incredibly expensive and not in your budget. Synthetic shingles are a great cost-effective alternative to those more expensive materials, which can give you a similar look for a fraction of the price.

Synthetic shingles are also going to have a more stable price due to how they are constructed. You're not sourcing natural stone from the earth like you would with slate, which keeps the manufacturing process consistent over time. You won't have to worry about buying synthetic shingles at the wrong time because the price is on the high end.

In addition, the installation of synthetic shingles is going to be cheaper than alternative roofing materials. You'll find that more roofers are capable of installing synthetic shingles, making it a more competitive job for roofing companies that are trying to get your business.


The material used to manufacture synthetic shingles gives it great durability. If your area is prone to seeing hail storms, it's good to know that synthetic shingles are going to provide your commercial building with plenty of protection that is less likely to show damage. Synthetic shingles are also going to hold up better against wind and impact damage from storms.


Be aware that synthetic shingle materials have not been around that long, so the longevity of the material has not been proven like traditional shingles. While it is known that synthetic shingles have performed well in testing when it comes to durability, it is unknown what the long term lifespan of these shingles actually are in real world conditions of several decades. This means that you must be willing to take a risk on using a newer material if you want synthetic shingles. You may end up discovering that they outperform your expectations and it was worth taking the chance.

Unsure if synthetic shingles are the best choice for your commercial building? Contact a local roofing contractor in your area for more information. They can give you an estimate on how much it will cost to install a new synthetic shingles.

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