4 Roofing Upgrades to Add during Asphalt Roofing Replacement

Roof replacement offers the perfect opportunity to add innovative features to your roofing system. This approach enables you to get more out of your investment. Your designated roofing contractor can help you choose features that will increase your commercial establishment's curb appeal and boost the building's functionality. Read on to discover four prevailing roofing upgrades you should consider for your upcoming asphalt roofing replacement project.

1. Exploring Different Roof Vents Style

Every commercial roofing system requires functional vents to facilitate temperature control through season transitions. This way, you won't have to deal with ice dams in winter or high electric bills during the summer months. Thus, you can extend the roof's lifespan and improve your business' energy performance.

Instead of installing conventional roof vents alone, you can explore different roof vents styles to enjoy more benefits. For example, ridge vents run along the length of your roof and allow hot air to escape, helping to keep your offices cooler in summer. Soffit vents are another popular option; they help circulate air and prevent moisture build-up in your commercial roofing system. And if you're not sure which vents are right for your commercial roofing system, ensure you talk to a roofing expert.

2. Choosing Durable and Presentable Roof Flashing

Did you know that, aside from providing a water-resistant barrier between your roof and vulnerable areas like chimneys and vents, roof flashing also serves an aesthetic purpose? So, if you're wondering what kind of upgrades you can add to your roof to improve its performance, consider exploring different roof flashing materials. You can use Metal roof flashing if you want a material that won't corrode when exposed to water or sunlight. This way, you're roofing can remain presentable for years to come. Another suitable flashing option is rubber plastic that will blend with your shingles.

3. Upgrading to a New Type of Asphalt Shingle

One of the most exciting things about a shingles roof replacement is the wide variety of shingles available in the market. Your roofing contractor will help you choose a shingle variant whose construction is sturdy and one that has a shade that complements your commercial building's exterior design. This upgrade will improve the function of your roof by providing additional protection from the elements and ensure you pull off a put-together building exterior.

4. Install Solar Panels

As more businesses strive to be less reliant on the main grid, you shouldn't be left behind. You should jump on the solar bandwagon and leverage clean, renewable energy from the sun. As you explore various asphalt roofing solutions in the market, you should also ask your roofer to help you find genuine solar panels.

These are just a few of the most common upgrades you can add to your roof cover during asphalt roofing replacement. Be sure to discuss all of your options with a roofing contractor such as W.D. Hutchinson Roofing LLC before making a final decision.