Don't Overlook These Three Signs Of Roof Problems

Homeowners typically have no trouble detecting the most apparent signs of roof issues, such as water dripping from the ceiling or a missing shingle, but some signs of roof problems are a little more obscure. Nevertheless, these more hidden signs should be addressed, as your roof could suffer damage if action is not taken. The following article looks at three of these less apparent signals that your roof needs attention.


Look for any indications that wildlife is harming your roof. Wildlife can do considerable damage to a roof if you are not keeping an eye out for potential problems. For, example, bird droppings might seem like a mere annoyance, but the droppings are acidic and can easily damage most roofs.  Also, watch for any bird nests in your gutters, as these should not be left in place. A nest can block your roof from draining rainwater and cause the water to back up onto the roof.

 Inspect your attic regularly for any signs that wild animals, such as squirrels, have gotten inside your home. Small animals can chew the wood sheathing of the roof, which could lead to costly repairs. They can also chew through asphalt shingles.

Cold Weather Noises

You might notice more noises coming from your attic when the temperatures drop. This is partly because wood contracts and expands when the temperature changes, so some of your roofing materials will make noises when this happens. Whether noises coming from your roof or attic signal a problem depends on the source of the noise. Sometimes the sounds are due to the normal expansion and contracting of wood in the upper parts of your house.

In other instances, however, a noise could signal a roofing issue that needs addressing. For instance, the noise could be due to a roof vent that is loose or a shingle that is flapping because it's less securely fixed due to high winds.

Stains and Spots

Have you seen dark stains or spots on the roof? Although you might think this is just due to aging, it's usually caused by algae, according to the Bob Vila website. Although, at first, it's just an appearance issue, over time the algae can cause your shingle to age and wear out faster than normal, so the problem should not be ignored.

If you find any of these signs of possible roof issues, don't try to handle the job yourself. Contact a roofing contractor in your area for assistance.