3 Ways That A Flat Roofing Contractor Can Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Flat roofs have become increasingly popular in urban areas, as they provide building residents with additional outdoor living space. Residents can use this space for gardening, an outdoor kitchen, or a patio space, expanding their accessible square footage.

However, damage to a flat roof can be quite expensive to repair, so it's extremely important that property owners carefully maintain these roofs once they've been installed. A local contractor that specializes in working with flat roofs can help you extend the life of your roof in the following ways: 

Regularly Inspect Your Flat Roof for Signs of Damage and Wear

Contractors know what various stages of damage and wear look like as a flat roof begins to wear and show signs of age. You can extend the life of your building's flat roof by scheduling regular inspections. Roofing contractors will evaluate the roof after the harsh heat of the summer season to check for any damage done by the temperature, and again after winter to check for any damage done by any severe storms or freezing temperatures in your area. If any weather or temperature-related damage is noted, it can be repaired at this time, before it is allowed to get significantly worse. 

Determine the Reasons for Roof Ponding

Water pooling into small ponds on your flat roof can cause dramatic damage over time. A flat roofing contractor can evaluate areas of your roof where ponding is occurring, then provide you with an estimate for a plan to repair the damage. In some cases,  ponding is caused by damaged insulation layers, leading to areas of the flat roof that are lower than others. In other situations, the roof was installed incorrectly. In still other situations, the roof itself may be structurally sagging. A skilled flat roofing contractor can work with you to repair the damage quickly and effectively.

Apply Paint That Reflects Sunlight

UV light from the sun can cause damage to the structural components of your building's flat roof over time. In addition, the sun shining on the flat roof can add a large amount of additional heat to your building. Applying reflective paint can limit UV damage and reduce the extra heat that your building is absorbing. This can help dramatically extend the life of your flat roof. 

Adding a flat roof to your building is an investment that should last for many years to come. However, it's important to carefully maintain this investment. A flat roofing contractor can inspect your roof, help you evaluate any damage that causes ponding, and apply protective paint to prevent additional damage.

Contact a local flat roofing company, like Diamond Roofers LLP, to learn about roofing services and others that may be offered.