Look Out For These 3 Signs Of Roof Wind Damage

Your roof is exposed to all sorts of harsh weather conditions. And strong winds are among the common issues that can damage your roof. Therefore, understanding how to spot such problems will go a long way in helping you find the best ways to fix them and restore the look and function of your roof. Read below to understand the common roof wind damages to look out for and how to repair them.

Missing Shingles  

Among the most notable signs of wind damage you'll notice are missing shingles. Typically, strong winds can easily tear off shingles from your roof, especially when it is too old. Therefore, after a strong windstorm, inspect your roof to determine if there are any loose or missing shingles. In addition, you can check the ground to confirm if any have fallen after the storm. Following this, contact a roofer to fix them. Generally, missing shingles weaken your roof over time, and if not fixed early enough, you may have to deal with serious repairs in the future.

Lost Shingle Granules

Roof shingles have granules on their exterior that form a coating layer to keep them in position. Therefore, in the event of strong winds, the granules can be compromised and eventually affect the quality of the roof. Generally, you will need to check several things to confirm lost shingle granules. For instance, following heavy rainfall or storm, you can check your gutters to confirm if the granules have accumulated along the drain. Likewise, you can inspect the shingles themselves to determine if there are any lost granules. 

Walking directly on your roof does not only compromise its quality. In addition, you suffer the risk of slipping. Hence, when inspecting the granules on the shingles, it's advisable to use a sturdy ladder.

Dents and Divots 

Strong winds do not only affect the roof of your house. In addition, they carry along debris like falling branches that could easily hit and damage other parts of the house. Therefore, check out for dents and divots, including marks and scratches on your gutters, walls, fascia, and other exterior parts of the house. If you notice any of these, have your roof inspected and immediately repaired to avoid future problems.

In most cases, wind damage is not easily noticed and, if left unaddressed, can shorten the lifespan of your roof. For this reason, contact a roofing expert occasionally to inspect your roof and detect the issues on time.

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