Replacing Your Roof Early Can Save You Money

If your old roof is missing a bunch of shingles, or if you have water in your attic, then it is clear you need a roof replacement. But the best approach is not always to wait until your roof is in this state to replace it. Here are some money-saving benefits of replacing your roof earlier on when it is still in reasonable condition.

You Can Shop Around for a Better Price

If your roof is in shambles and you need a replacement ASAP, you'll go with the first company that can get out there. That company may or may not offer the best price. But if you replace your roof sooner, you have time to shop around. You can get quotes from a few different roofing companies, compare them, and go with the best offer.

You Won't Have Water Damage to Contend With

Once your roof starts losing shingles, losing flashing, and developing other issues, water will soon get into your attic. Repairing this water damage can cost a significant amount of money. You'll need to strip out and replace insulation. You may also need to replace some drywall or some of the items you were storing in the attic. If you have the roof replaced sooner, you can avoid this sort of water damage and the related costs.

You Won't Need as Much Roof Deck Work

When a roof deteriorates, the roof deck often starts deteriorating. The roof deck may develop some rot, and that part of the deck will need to be replaced. This adds to the cost of the roof replacement. The sooner you have the roof replaced, the less roof deck damage it will have, and the lower your replacement cost is likely to be.

Your Insurance May Continue Coverage

If you let your roof get too damaged before you replace it, then the homeowners insurance company may refuse to honor any related claims. They may argue that the damage only occurred because you did not maintain the home properly. Replace the roof sooner, and your insurer is more likely to honor your claims.

Rather than waiting for your roof to fall into complete disrepair, it is a good idea to have it replaced sooner when it's first showing signs of age. Talk to a roofer to learn more about roof replacements. When you're acting early, you have plenty of time to listen to and heed their professional advice.