3 Reasons To Install New Gutters When You Replace Your Roof

If you are about to install a new roof, then you can also take the opportunity to replace your gutters. While you don't have to do this job now, there are times when it makes sense to add new gutters to your roofing replacement.

When is this a good idea?

1. Your Gutters Are Old

If your gutters are in good shape, then you don't have to replace them when you install a new roof. They'll continue to work OK even if you change your roofing materials.

However, this is a good time to check the condition of your gutters. There's no point investing in a new roof if its drainage system isn't up to par.

So, if your gutters are old and worn, then consider upgrading them now. If you've had problems with them in the past and have had to do some repair or maintenance work, then a clean-slate installation might be a good idea. You get a complete roofing system upgrade.

2. Your Gutters Don't Match Your New Roof

Even if your gutters are in good condition, consider replacing them if they don't match your new roof. If you want your house to shine, then this additional upgrade will give your roof and gutters a cohesive design and style.

For example, if you are installing a colored roof, then think about how your current gutters will look against the new roof. If their color doesn't match your new roof color, then you probably won't be completely happy with your new build. This mismatch will look obvious.

Or, you might want new gutters to match a new style of roof. For example, if you are putting down a metal roof and currently have plastic gutters, then you might want to upgrade to metal gutters to get a better cosmetic blend.

3. You Want to Reduce Future Roofing Costs

If you think that you will need to replace your gutters in the near future, then you can save some money by rolling this job into your new roof installation work. While your material costs will increase slightly, your total labor costs will go down.

Your roofing contractor will be on-site and working on your roof in any case. It won't take them much extra time to put new gutters in now.

If you wait, then your labor costs will be higher. Your contractor will have to come out and replace your gutters as a separate job. This additional prep and set-up time will be more expensive in labor terms.

For more advice, talk to a local roofing contractor such as Link's Contracting Inc.