Intermittent Roof Leaks: What Should You Do?

If your roof leaks sporadically during the year, you may wonder if it's past time to replace your roof. You may actually have intermittent roof leaks to repair. Intermittent roof leaks occur sporadically or randomly during the year. If you don't find intermittent leaks in your roof now, you may need to replace your entire roof and its support structures later. Learn more about intermittent roof leaks and how to repair them here.

What Are Intermittent Roof Leaks?

Roof leaks that occur from missing shingles, damaged felt, or broken gutters tend to occur throughout the year, or almost every time it rains. However, leaks that occur sporadically, or intermittently, during the year can baffle and confuse you. Intermittent roof leaks can show up anywhere on your roof, including around structures you may not think could leak.

Residential roofs often come with special support or accessory structures on them, such as roof turbine vents, plumbing boot vents, and chimneys. The adhesives, flashings, joints, and nails that anchor the structures to the roof's surface can potentially break down, lift up, and rust with time. If rainwater builds up around the structure, it can randomly leak into your home during the year. 

Intermittent leaks can become large or problematic enough to damage your roof. The best way to keep intermittent leaks from permanently damaging your roof is to repair them. 

How Do You Fix Intermittent Roof Leaks?

Don't attempt to find or repair the intermittent leaks on your roof yourself. The roof's surface can be slippery or dangerous to walk on without the proper gear. For the sake of safety, have a roofing contractor inspect the support and accessory structures on your roof for you.

If a contractor does locate intermittent leaks on your roof, they can take the appropriate action to repair them. For example, if a roofer finds loose connections or unsealed joints around your roof turbine vent or plumbing boot vent pipe, they can apply new connections or sealant around the base of the structure. If the structure is severely damaged over time, a contractor can replace it as well.

A contractor may also inspect and repair the building materials beneath the structures for water damage. The building materials may be compromised by mold, insects, and fungi. All of these problems can lead to large roof leaks over time. 

If you have concerns about random leaks in your roof, contact a residential roof leak repair service today.