Why Flat Roofs Are So Popular For Commercial Buildings

Flat roofs are popular on certain types of residential architecture and on commercial buildings. Commercial flat roofing is often made from membranes, but metal and foam roofing are used as well. Flat roofs have advantages for commercial buildings. Here's a look at why flat roofs are so popular. 

Large Commercial Buildings Need Flat Roofs

It's difficult to put a traditional sloped roof on a large building, so a flat roof is more suitable. Small commercial buildings might have traditional sloped roofs and shingles, but large buildings used for things like factories or manufacturing are too big for sloped roofing. Fortunately, flat roofing options are a good match for this type of building.

Flat Roofs Can Help With Climate Control

Since a white roof is a wide-open space, it can be used to reflect the sun to keep your commercial building cooler. This is done by using white membrane roofing or a coating that has reflective properties. By reflecting the sun's rays away from your roof, your building could stay cool enough that it has a positive impact on your monthly power bills.

You Can Store Equipment On A Flat Roof

A handy benefit of a flat roof is that you can store HVAC equipment and other things on the roof so they don't take up space on the ground near your building. Plus, when it's on the roof, you don't have to worry about your HVAC being vandalized. Equipment is easier to service too when it's out of the way and on a flat roof that's safe to walk on and work on without fear of sliding off.

Flat Roofing Can Sometimes Last For Decades

Flat roofing is an ideal match for commercial buildings. Membrane roofing is more affordable than other types of roofing, and it can last for decades. You may need to follow a tight budget when you manage a commercial building, and having a flat roof so you can have affordable and durable flat roofing installed is a nice benefit.

Flat roofing can be damaged by hail like any other type of roofing, but membrane roofing is very durable under normal daily conditions. You can have a roofer check the roofing a couple of times a year and make repairs to keep your flat roofing in the best possible shape and ready to last for years.

Flat Roofs Can Be Used As Decks

You might want to use the flat roof on your building as a place for employees to take snack breaks or have lunch. A flat roof can be seen as wasted space, but you can reclaim that space by using the roof as a deck. This is a nice perk for employees if there is a scenic view from your roof.

However, before you do that, you'll need an engineer to verify your roof can hold the weight of several people. You'll also need roofing that can stand up well to foot traffic. You may need to discuss your vision with a flat roofing contractor to see if you can bring your idea of a rooftop dining area a reality.

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