3 Reasons To Stop Patching Your Roof

Is your roof leakier than a piece of Swiss cheese? Like many other parts of your home, your roof has an expiration date. Unfortunately, other parts of your typically don't have the same severe consequences as they begin to fail. An old and failing roof is more than just an annoyance; it's a ticking time bomb above your head that can cause some pretty severe damage. 

Anyone who has lived with an aging roof knows how the routine usually goes. As your roof ages, you'll inevitably experience more leaks. Patching these leaks can seem like the cheapest option at first. Unfortunately, frequently patching often means throwing good money after bad. If you're endlessly shoring up holes in your roof, here are three reasons it may be time for a replacement instead.

1. You're Ruining Your Decking

Your roof decking (or sheathing) is the lowest layer of your roof and the closest part to your home's physical structure. Your decking attaches directly to your rafters, and you can typically look at the underside of your decking from inside your attack. Most homes use plywood or oriented strand board (OSB) for decking, both materials that react poorly to water.

Water entering your home from the roof must first travel over (or sometimes through) your decking. This water can cause the decking to swell and rot, affecting the structural integrity of your roof. Since you'll need to replace unsound decking when installing a new roof, repeated leaks can greatly impact your replacement costs.

2. You May Be Creating Long-Term Problems

Moisture is one of your home's worst enemies. Unfortunately, water that enters from your roof can often take circuitous and unexpected routes. While leaks may sometimes drip directly onto your drywall ceilings, they can also follow paths behind walls or through insulation. These leaks can create hidden areas of excessive moisture, leading to rot or mold growth.

Moisture problems can continue to haunt you for years after replacing your roof and solving the leaks. The more leaks you allow your roof to develop, the more likely you will face these issues. Replacing your roof rather than waiting for new leaks to form can help you avoid these expensive issues.

3. You're Not Saving Money

You can't patch a roof forever. A failing roof will eventually allow too much water into your home, or the rotted and warped decking will cause cascading shingle failures. If you find that you're constantly patching problems with your roof, it most likely means that you're already approaching this point, and your roof won't last much longer.

While patches are cheaper over the short term, you're ultimately spending money on a doomed roof. Since you'll need to pay for a full replacement sooner or later, biting the bullet now means spending less money in the long run.

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