Replacing Missing Or Bad Shingles Is A Common Roof Repair That Prevents Roof Leaks

A common roof repair is to have missing or bad shingles replaced. While this is a fairly easy job for a roofer, it still has to be done correctly, or your roof could leak. Here are some important points about replacing shingles.

Avoid Damaging Nearby Shingles When Working

To replace a bad shingle, the roofer has to lift the shingles above it to see the nails that hold the bad shingle in place. Shingles are tough, so the roofer doesn't have to be extremely gentle, but they need to avoid damaging nearby shingles and knocking granules off while they work.

Fill Old Nail Holes

The nails that hold the bad shingle in place need to be removed so the old shingle can be pulled off. When the new shingle is slid in place, it must be nailed to the roof. The roofer might use the old nail holes and a little bigger nails so the nails fit snugly in the holes. If not, they may fill the old holes and use new holes for the new nails.

The thing they try to avoid is leaving the old holes open since it's possible for rain to drip inside and create a slow roof leak. In addition to nailing the top of the shingle to the roof, the roofer attaches the bottom of the shingle with adhesive.

Patch In New Underlayment If Needed

Asphalt shingles aren't nailed directly to the bare deck. The deck is covered with underlayment first. If the underlayment has been damaged, the roofer may cut out the damaged part and patch in new material.

This protects the deck from rain damage and helps prevent a roof leak since the underlayment is waterproof. If the underlayment is still in good shape, it won't need to be replaced.

A roof repair contractor understands the potential problems that could develop when replacing a shingle, so they take care to use good technique. If you ever decide to replace a shingle yourself, just remember to work carefully so that you don't damage other shingles or leave open nail holes.

Proper technique prevents roof leaks, and so do prompt repairs. Be sure to call a roof repair contractor when you notice missing or loose shingles so the problem is repaired quickly. Otherwise, rain might soak the deck every time it rains if the underlayment is damaged too. Plus, rain can get under the shingles and create problems with dampness and mold. Quick roof repairs are important for protecting your roof and home.

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