Roofing Contractors For Mobile Home Remodeling

More and more people are looking for ways to get out of renting and own a home of their own. If a mortgage is out of your reach and buying an expensive home is not possible, there are other options. One of the options many people are turning to is buying older model mobile homes as a remodeling project. An aspect of a mobile home remodeling project you may not want to leave as a DIY is your roof. Here are some of the reasons you should hire a roofer for your mobile home roof remodeling instead of doing it yourself. 

Full Inspection 

When you handle roofing remodeling by yourself, you can miss several issues. You may miss problems with the decking or the underlayment. If these exist you could end up replacing the roof shingles or metal roof and still have leaks and damage due to the decking. A professional roofer can do a full inspection of your roof. This inspection checks for not only damage to the shingles but also to your underlayment and foundation or decking. They can also check insulation as well as ventilation. When the inspection is complete, you can have a better idea of where to start and how to proceed. 

Material Upgrade

You may decide you want to upgrade the material used for your mobile home roof. If this is the case, you are likely looking for something with strong durability and a longer life than more traditional roofing options. You can narrow down the materials you may want to use, but a roofer can give you an added bonus to this step. A roofer can step in and make material suggestions based on your home, age, and location. The roofer can also help with the items you will need for the entire roof system rather than just the top layer or shingles. 


There is more to installing a new roof system in your mobile home than just the shingles. You not only may need new decking but you may also need new everything. By having to start fresh and rebuild the roof, handling this as a DIY project may be too much if you have no experience. Your roofer will have the experience and will have other contractors help them remove the former roof system and install a new system safely. 

Your roofing should be the first step in your mobile home remodeling. When you are ready to start the process, contact your local roofer. They can inspect the roof. This will tell them how much damage there is, where to start, and what materials may be best for the job. They can also make suggestions for window and door repair if it is needed for your mobile home.