Tips For Reviewing A Roofing Contractor's Estimate

Whether you need a total roof replacement or a repair, the process often begins with a quote or estimate. This document is not necessarily a binding agreement, but it does typically address all the crucial aspects of the project, so it is essential you review it thoroughly before selecting a contractor. Discover some of the areas you should pay attention to ensure you are prepared and informed. 

Material Selection

When it comes to comparing contractors, it is beneficial to review the material selections included. One estimate might be priced higher than the others. However, upon review, you might discover that this estimate also includes premium shingles or another high-quality material, which are both great for extending the life of the roof. 

Included Services

Estimates typically detail all services that are included in the scope of work. You want to review this section to determine what you are responsible for. For instance, some contractors include and arrange any landscaping cleanup or damage repairs within the project scope. However, with some other companies, you are responsible for handling this task on your own. 

Payment Guidelines

It is also important to review the payment guidelines. This section outlines how and when the roofing contractor must be paid. One common difference among contractors is how they obtain insurance payments. Some contractors self-submit their estimates to the insurance company for direct payments; others require the homeowner to handle this process and then forward payment to them. 

Warranty Details

Installing the roof with care and professionalism is essential, but equally important are the warranty details. All professional roofing contractors offer a warranty, but the terms, what is included, and even what can terminate the contract may vary. Ideally, you want to select a contractor that offers a warranty package with which you feel protected. 

Completion Timeline

Roofing projects are typically large-scale, so it is normal to have several workers and materials at your home while work is being performed. For this reason, homeowners usually want the work completed as soon as possible. The estimate will typically include details about how long the project will take. However, remember the weather and other factors can delay completion and that the goal is to install the roof correctly, so there might be variances in the timeline.

In addition to the estimate, remember that the roofing contractor will be more than willing to address any concerns, so be sure to speak up if you have any questions. For more information, contact a roofing contractor near you.