2 Things That Will Make Your Home's Shingled Roof Suitable For Reroofing

While making upgrades to your home's siding, you may have decided that the roof no longer matches the exterior aesthetic. It may appear a little worn and outdated or does not match the colors you have chosen.

While you could have the roof replaced, another option may be to have it reroofed by having a fresh layer of shingles applied over the ones that are already there. However, there are a couple of things that will have to be considered when the roofing professional decides whether your home's roof is suitable for reroofing.

1. Existing Shingles Are Still in Good Condition Without Excessive Wear or Cracking

One thing that will have to be considered when trying to determine whether your roof qualifies for reroofing is the condition of the existing shingles. Because the new layer will need to have an intact foundation on which to lay, the shingles cannot have any excessive wear or cracking.

If the shingles have no overt signs of damage and their surfaces have no cracking or blistering, you may be able to have the structure reroofed. The roofing professional can determine their condition when they perform their initial inspection to find out whether your home is suitable for the re-roofing process.

2. Decking and Structural Supports Are Strong Enough to Support the Extra Layer of Shingles

Another qualification for having your home reroofed is the condition of the decking and structural support beams. Because the extra layer will add a lot of weight to the roof, these structures must be free from any deterioration and be structurally sound.

As long as these structures are deemed able to support both the old and new layers of shingles, you can most likely proceed with the reroofing. The professional can help you make this determination after they have assessed the overall condition of the roof so they can advise you on how best to proceed.

If your home's roof appears outdated and is starting to show its age but is still in good condition, you may want to consider having it reroofed instead of replaced. Your roof may qualify if the shingles are not excessively worn or damaged and the support structures and decking are strong enough to support the extra layer of shingles. To learn more and to see if your roof qualifies, contact a business that can reroof your home — such as Thompson & Thompson 3rd Generation Roofing, Inc. — to speak with someone who can assist you.