Deciding If A New Residential Roof Is Needed

Does the amount of money you have spent on roof repairs have you stressed because there seems to always be a new problem? When a roof requires frequent repairs, it is a strong indication that it is time to decide on investing in a new roof. You might not think your roof is old enough to need to be replaced so soon, but the age of the roof is not the only factor that determines whether it should be replaced or not. For example, in regions that are rainy and prone to storms, a roof can deteriorate in an untimely manner. You can save a lot of money by investing in a new roof, so it is time to get your roof inspected to determine if installation is necessary.

What Causes a Roof to Need Frequent Repairs?

Outside elements can cause a roof to need frequent repairs, such as hail that can damage the roofing materials. Rain is also a common element that can lead to frequent roof repairs, as it can soften the deck and cause mold to develop. Mold can quickly deteriorate roofing materials, and can be a health risk if it makes it inside your home. The most obvious reason for frequent roof repairs is for a roof to simply be old. Repairing an old roof can lead to more problems developing, such as replacing a missing shingle but still having a worn-out roof deck beneath.

How Do Contractors Install a New Roof?

The process of new roof installation varies, as it is determined by the type of materials that are being installed. For example, if you get shingles for your new roof installation project, the shingles will be hammered onto the deck. If your deck is not worn out to the point of needing to be reconstructed, you can possibly opt for getting your home reroofed, which is a different process. Reroofing involves the installation of new materials over old materials. A roofer can let you know more about the new roof installation process based on your specific decisions.

What is the Noise Level of the New Roof Installation?

You should expect a lot of noise if you decide to get your roof replaced. You will hear a crew of contractors walking on the roof, hammering, and other noises during the installation process. You can choose to remain home or leave until the work is done. Call a roofer to find out what you should do about your problematic roof.

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