What Repairs Might Your Shingle Roof Need After A Big Blizzard?

Going through a blizzard is not easy. You might lose power, have to shovel yourself out, and miss a few days of work and other activities. When it is all over, you can breathe a sigh of relief and "take a beat." Then, when it is safe to do so, you need to go outside and take a look at your roof. It's common for homes to need one or more of the following roof repairs after a blizzard.

Shingle Replacement

The strong winds that come with a hurricane can catch under the edges of shingles and peel them off the roof surface. You may see areas where your roof is missing shingles, or you may see the shingles strewn about on the ground. It's important to have a roofing company come replace those missing shingles ASAP. A few missing shingles leave the others around them vulnerable to the wind, and there's a good chance the blizzard was not the last of the wind you'll get this winter. (Plus, missing shingles can cause leaks when the snow melts.)

Flashing Replacement

If your roof has valleys, look at them closely. You should see a line of metal sheeting running down the valley. If there is no metal, then your flashing probably blew off in the wind. Flashing is meant to protect against leaks in these most leak-prone parts of your roof. So, a roofer should come replace it. This is an especially important repair to have made in snowy areas since snow tends to accumulate in valleys and melt.

Shingle Repair Along the Edge

If your roof managed to make it through the blizzard with all shingles in place, you may still see some shingle damage along the edge. Some of the shingles might be lifted up. Others may be peeling along the edge, and some others might be missing corners.

This sort of damage is not usually an emergency and can probably wait until spring to be repaired. But you do want to repair it since the edges of the roof will be prone to leaks once those shingles go missing.

Blizzards are tough, both on people and on roofs. If you've just been through one, make sure you look your roof over for problems like missing flashing, peeling shingles, and missing shingles. Roofers in your area will probably be working overtime to make all of these repairs post-blizzard, so give them a call.

For more info about roof repair, contact a local company.