4 Situations That Should Prompt A Home Roofing Inspection

A new roof is an investment, and some homeowners take that investment for granted. They neglect to get important services such as maintenance and home roofing inspections. These are important services that can improve the chances of roofing materials lasting their estimated lifespan. There are certain situations that should prompt homeowners to proactively seek inspections The following points highlight a few of those situations.

Buying a Home

Individuals who are planning to buy a home need to ensure that they know the condition of the roofs. Purchasing a home is an investment. Many individuals are not prepared to replace a roof after making a substantial investment into buying their home. The only way to know the condition of a roof is to get a residential roofing inspection.

Individuals should not assume that a thorough inspection of the roof was performed. They can hire their own roofer who might discover hidden issues such as moisture or that the roof will need to be replaced in a few years. This valuable information could help buyers negotiate a better purchase price.

After a Severe Weather

It is possible for severe weather to wreak havoc on roofing materials. Some of these damages such as missing shingles may be obvious. Others such as damaged shingles from hail or loosened shingles from high winds may be less obvious. Residential roofing inspections can uncover hidden damages. The inspections also allow roofers to know the extent of the damages and advise on repairs.

Age of Roof

Roofing materials are assigned estimated lifespans. Homeowners should get annual residential roofing inspections. Some individuals do not. Therefore, it is a good rule of thumb to seek inspections for aged roofing materials. The older the materials get it is expected that they will deteriorate. Aged roofing materials that have not been inspected in a while might have deteriorated to the point of being a risk for roof leaks.

Signs of a Roof Leak

Every homeowner needs to know the signs of roof leaks. Musty odors are indicative of mold in a home. If it is roof-related, it could be in the attic, which is an area that some homeowners never access. Brown stains on ceilings and walls are another red flag. The best option for leak detection is a residential roofing inspection.

A residential roofer is a good resource to use to learn more about home roofing inspections. They can offer insight into the reasons why it is important to get inspections. One key reason is that manufacturer warranties usually require routine inspections. Homeowners who do not have proof of adhering to the requirements listed in their warranties may void them. This means that they would be liable for their own roof repairs. 

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